Software to build upon

Home Client and Kiosk Client programs*

CPC client programs are great combinations of ease of use and unlimited possibilities. They offer wizards for highly automated, few- steps generation of very attractive complex products (like photobooks, or calendars, for instance), but also grant virtually unlimited possibilities for realizing the most sophisticated individual creations.
You have one interface to design each and every product. Once your customers got accustomed to the client, they can create and order any gift item, photobook or just a standard print with the same ease and comfort. Even the interface they find in your store – on the kiosk – is pretty much the same they find at home when using your home client.
And you have an extreme wide choice of products immediately available. Defining new products – to tell the client programs how to design them, to make sure your entire system can digest it when an order comes – is an extremely complex job. But we take this load off of you: you receive a full range of standard and creative photo products, ready to be designed, ready to be ordered. And this range grows month by month as we keep on adding new and new products.
Without any extra fee. This is our standard service to all CPC partners.

We also provide you with a complete store manager software package

While this handles the automatic production of all the products your customers order via the client programs, it also grants you the flexibility to modify order parameters, change output device, or, for instance, create a local order for your professional photographer customers. Cloud product definintions also include rendering and printing info for all supported platforms. So whenever your local Lab Manager program receives an order from any of the clients, it knows where to send it for printing, which settings are to be applied. All you have to do is to click on the order you want to start printing – that’s it.

* Mobile clients for Android and iOS are expected for lauch Q1 2017