Creative PhotoCloud integrates all components you need to set up and run a successful creative photolab

Products to sell

We have definied hundreds of great photo products for you

Photo prints, collages, posters, banners, canvasses. Mounted photo panels, multipanel canvasses. Photobooks – quick photobooks, ready in fifteen minutes, custom cover high quality or layflat perfect books. Calendars of all kind – multipage desktop or wall calendars or single page poster ones. Greeting cards in various sizes for all occasions. Gift items such as mugs, shirts, sweaters, jigsaws, pillows, keyrings, phone covers etc etc etc…

Creative PhotoCloud Master Database contains the full definition of all these photo products. A simple mouseclick in your Lab Manager program to put any of these products into your portfolio – and from that very moment your customers can create, edit and order, you can produce them automatically. All supplies, consumables and accessories exactly matched for the production are available from your local Creative PhotoCloud reseller. No need to spend time and money on complex product definitions, finding latest versions of printer drivers and hunting for consumables from dozens of suppliers. You get everything automatically, smoothly from one hand.

As they are stored in the Cloud, you can access these definitions wherever you are located in the world. It is our main task to keep you in the forefront of the photolab industry. Our team continously works on adding new products into the CPC portfolio. Whenever a new product appears in the CPC Master, it is instantly available for you to sell. With all rendering, printing, finishing data and with all needed consumables and accessories available.

Software to build upon

Home Client and Kiosk Client programs

CPC client programs are great combinations of ease of use and unlimited possibilities. They offer wizards for highly automated, few- steps generation of very attractive complex products (like photobooks, or calendars, for instance), but also grant virtually unlimited possibilities for realizing the most sophisticated individual creations.

You have one interface to design each and every product. Once your customers got accustomed to the client, they can create and order any gift item, photobook or just a standard print with the same ease and comfort. Even the interface they find in your store – on the kiosk – is pretty much the same they find at home when using your home client.

And you have an extreme wide choice of products immediately available. Defining new products – to tell the client programs how to design them, to make sure your entire system can digest it when an order comes – is usually an extremely complex job. But we take this load off of you: you receive a full range of standard and creative photo products, ready to be designed, ready to be ordered. And this range grows month by month as we keep on adding new and new products.

Without any extra fee. This is our standard service to all CPC partners.

We also provide you with a complete Lab Manager software package

While this handles the automatic production of all the products your customers order via the client programs, it also grants you the flexibility to modify order parameters, change output device, or, for instance, create a local order for your professional photographer customers. Cloud product definintions also include rendering and printing info for all supported platforms. So whenever your local Lab Manager program receives an order from any of the clients, it knows where to send it for printing, which settings are to be applied. All you have to do is to click on the order you want to start printing – that’s it.

Hardware to rely on

We selected the world’s most advanced, still affordable photolab hardwares to allow instant, local production  – but support also remote labs to make whatever you can’t create in your store

We selected the world’s most advanced, still affordable photolab hardwares to work with. Thanks to the deep level of integration production workflow is as automatic and as smooth as it can be. Don’t worry about interfaces, driver compatibilites, print size definitions. All products you find in CPC’s Master data bank, are right there to be produced automatically in your store.

CPC integrates EPSON’s SureLab D3000 and D700 series, Noritsu Green II and D705 as minilab systems; EPSON SureColor T series and HP Z3200 Large Format Printers for posters/canvasses; EPSON L1800 for local duplex printing and HP Indigo for high volume production of both simplex and duplex products.

Or, let the incoming order automatically be redirected to a remote lab, if you choose not to invest into some of the special equipments. But you are still able to sell the full portfolio.

You have the freedom to extend your machinery at a later stage and start making locally those products, you sent to a central lab before.

Consumables to be very effective

Being effective means you can make your products fast, with least efforts. Besides integrated software and direct hardware control this requires full set of supplies and accessories, matched exactly to your set of products. This is, what Creative PhotoCloud also provides you with.

Anytime we add a new product into CPC Master databank, we not only define how it will be designed on the client programs and how it will be produced on the supported set of hardwares but also make all needed consumables and accessories available. If you find a canvas in certain sizes available for production, be sure to find exactly the matched sized strecher bars at your local CPC partner’s stock. You have dozens of different colors and materials of photobook covers available for the Instant CPC Photobooks, exactly in the size needed. And so on. You have absolutely everything what you need for operating your photolab. Less trouble, less efforts, happier customers.


Marketing to help

We offer bunch of materials helping your sales job. templates for Websites, logos and imagery for POS materials or flyers, store designs and lot more.

As we define the products you offer, we have an easy job to produce bunch of materials helping your sales job. Templates for websites, logos and imagery for POS or flyers, store designs and lot more. It is our common goal to make and keep you successful.

But don’t worry – we don’t take your image away. We do not want to bring our brand into the forefront. YOU play the main role, you take orders, you sell – they are YOUR CUSTOMERS, not ours.

So we configure all customer-related software components with your brand, your present all marketing materials in your name. All products, even made in a central lab, are sold by you, in your name, increasing customers’ loyalty to you. It’s your business, we just try to help.

Central Lab support

Producing locally, in your store, has lots of advantages, but can not always be the solution. You might not want to invest into the machinery needed to create products like large layflat- or custom cover photobooks, wallpapers or certain gift items, but you still want to sell them.

CPC’s central lab support provides an absolutely transparent solution for this: only thing your customer will notice is a 3-5 days delivery (depending on the logistic agreement you have with your central lab) instead of the usual instant or 1-3 hours service. CPC Workfolw Managers will determine whether an order should be sent to your store or to the central lab for production, irrelevant whether the order comes from a remote or a local kiosk client.

And, of course, you have the freedom to install a new machine and move the production into the store later, as demand justifies the investment.