Are you a reseller of photolab equipments, supplies ?

Creative PhotoCloud is a new system – we have launched the first bunch of installations in Hungary just in November, 2015.

Now it’s time to conquer the world. But we cant’t do that alone – we need YOU to be successful TOGETHER.

We are looking for Resellers for the Creative PhotoCloud system, preferably one for a reasonble sized piece of market. Thanks to the cloud based architecture we can support you in almost any corner of the Globe – we teach you how to install the software modules, how to help your customers and what are the special goods you will offer them.

Once you installed Creative PhotoCloud for a photolab, you will be his best source for almost everything: hardwares, supplies, accessories, as you will have exactly the products he will need to make the photo products he sells. Many of these products you probably sell already – then we help you to find new customers – some of other products you can source locally, or we can provide you with. Here we help you to sell more to your existing and new customers.

You can even set up or use your existing lab to provide central lab services for your CPC customers; here we help you to win plenty of new orders for your serv ices.

And you don’t have to buy expensive licences or products in advance – we only charge you a flat regular fee for the installed base.



-You not only sell a software system. You povide your partners with a complete business modell, that grants them everything they need to run a commercial photolab.

-You give your partners a huge and growing selection of products to sell and produce locally. You offer everything they need to make these products; full selection, exactly matched to their needs. Supplies, accessories, hardwares, tools. And it is only you, who can offer these all.

-Your get an unprecedeted level of loyalty from your customers because all of these… of course, you will sell the next minilab, the next LFP for him and you supply him with all consumables.

-Your CPC partners will generate tons of orders for central labs – high value gifts, layflat photobooks, etc. If you run your own lab, these are all new orders for you. If not, you can contract a lab you select and earn a commission on what they sell to your partners.

-We, together, aim to build an international network of commercial photolabs. Be among the firsts to join and help to form the next generation of our business.

Do you run independent photo store or intend to start a great new business?

No need to buy tons of new hardwares – you can use your exisiting minilab, printers. Well, to be the most effective, you better use the equipments we can directly control, but you have time to change when your current machinery break down.

Yes, you will buy new touchscreen input terminals – but this makes sure to have the smoothest and safest operation, no viruses, no manual software updates.

You don’t have to pay thousands for software licences. Your local CPC Reseller will charge just a low fee for installation. Then you only have a low regular fee – for which you receive not just full support but a complete and continously growing range of photo products, themes, graphics and templates. No more costs, no hidden charges.

What’s more – you get a discount on these use fee, dependant on the volume of supplies and consumables you buy from your CPC Reseller. Who, by the way, has everything in portfolio what you need to produce all the CPC products. A real one-stop-shopping experence.

The most complete, most efficient solution for a commencial photolab.


What do you get with Creative PhotoCloud:

-21” touchscreen input terminals.

-a feature-rich kiosk client: probably one of the best terminal software on the market to design and order all kind of photo products

-a home client, donwloadable from your website, with the same user interface as your kiosk client. All these clients branded with your name, your logo.

-a local Lab Manager program, that receives all incoming orders, directs them to the relevant printer and lets you control the entire workflow for all products.

-a cloud based process management module, which sends the products you can not make locally to a central lab for production.

several hundreds of products (enlargements, collages, posters, canvasses, multipanels, photobooks, calendars, gift items et etc…) ready to be ordered from and produced by you.

full set of consumables and accessories – everything you need to make all the products your software modules offer. All these available from one source: your local CPC Reseller.

-Recommendations fo the best and most effective photolab hardwares – minilabs, LFP’s, special printers, etc. Using the recommended machines ensures the most effective operation, the highest level of automatisation.

marketing background – images, templates, deisgns, training materials…

-and, most importantly: continous development, solid growth.